Does it sound like I could help your business? Are you looking for a JavaScript expert to consult on your project? Is it a Node.js, ReactJS or Angular project? Or is it just that you love to read about tech topics? I am always looking forward to working with great people and great companies and impacting knowledge as well. Well, I have great balance in terms of technical and business knowledge.

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Telecommunications Engineering. I have 7 years experience working on C# and JavaScript projects. I pride myself in producing quality code that is well tested.

What to Expect?

  • Code quality following best practices.
  • Features delivered with little or no bugs
  • Sticking to budget

Let Us Work Together

I have been working with clients for over 5 years. Most of them came through recommendations of other clients and word of mouth. I am a reliable developer with a positive mindset. I can be a great asset to your development team. I hope to build a good relationship with you. Let’s work together!!


Well, on the hand, do you love programming? Do you enjoy reading about tech topics? Why don’t you share you passion with me and let’s see if I can share my thoughts on the subject in the form of a blog?

Next Steps

Would you like to connect? Send me an email via aduwillie@gmail.com or via twitter with the handle @adu_willie. You can as well use the contact form on the Contact Me page. If you feel like going through my open source projects, check them out at https://www.github.com/aduwillie.